Should you update your logo? It all depends…

Obviously, when it comes to your brand identity/logo, you never WANT to change it. It’s the one thing that identifies you. It’s what clients and consumers think when they think of you.

But what if you want to change your logo. Should you?

If you are not happy with your logo, then the answer is simple. YES!

It is never too late to change your logo. So many companies are afraid of this… but why? Maybe you have business cards with your logo. Maybe you have signage with your logo. Maybe you have merchandise, like magnets, shirts or car magnets that have your logo.

If you have invested THOUSANDS of dollars in non-refundable branding… then I get it. Changing your logo might be difficult. But if your logo is JUST PLAIN HORRIBLE, then the investment might be worth it.

Let’s take a looks at some really bad logos.

Obviously, these are extreme examples, but I think if you keep an eye out, you can see some really bad logos around your town. Landscaping companies have notoriously bad logos. Your local bars or small town restaurants have bad logos.

Now for a pop-quiz.

Tell me what the McDonald’s logo is.

Did you say the golden arches? Hooray, you win.

Now tell me what the Burger King logo is.

Having a hard time? You are not alone. Unless you are a designer like me, you would have a hard time recalling what the Burger King logo is.

Her’s a refresher.

However, the fact is, that MAJOR brands change their logo, and you may not have even noticed.

Here’s an example of recent logo changes.

But what about brands that have been around forever? Well, they change their logos too. Some dramatic, some subtle.

As you can see, logos and brands are allowed to EVOLVE.

Here are some tips to remember if you need a NEW logo, or if you are UPDATING your logo:
1. The simpler the better.
2. Your logo should look good in color AND black and white.
3. Your logo should be able to be displayed in vertical and horizontal.
4. Your logo should look good on a website (small) and on the side of a plane (large).
5. Don’t be afraid of evolving and changing.