There is often more than 50 tattoo shops in 50 square miles? What will you do to stand out?

A New Website Will Increase Traffic

With a new website from Super Powered Design you will be able to score higher on Google Search, and increase traffic to your website. This will then turn into MORE customers! It’s a small investment that will last for YEARS. Your new website will be designed in WordPress, the largest and FREE Content Management System on the web. We will also provide you with a custom screencast video, teaching you how to update your website YOURSELF!

I don't need a website. I have Facebook.

A website builds your business’s credibility
Without a website, most customers question if you are a real business or not. Trust matters.

Google has the biggest share of online searches
As of 2018, Google accounted for roughly 69.03% of online searches in the United States. Do you know what percentage of searches were made from Facebook? It was 1.05%.

Facebook is not organic.
Google LOVES websites, and HATES Facebook. With a responsive designed website, Goggle will put you higher on search results and Google Maps, which gives you organic traffic.


Automatic Instagram Updates

We use the Instagram Feed plugin by Elfsight. Every time you update your Instagram feed, it will automatically update on your website! Never worry about updating your website gallery ever again! We can also have Instagram feed update automatically for every artist in your shop!

Every Website is Custom. But Here a Few Examples.